Architecture Based on the People-First Principle

Ryomyong Street

On December 8, Juche 102 (2013) the respected Kim Jong Un sent the letter “Let us usher in the period of great prosperity in construction by thoroughly embodying the Party’s idea on Juche-based architecture” to the participants in the short course for the officials in the field of construction.

Mirae Scientists Street

In the letter he said to the effect: The socialist architecture of Juche is, in essence, an architecture based on the people-first principle. In our country the master of architecture is the popular masses. As both the creator and enjoyer of architecture are the popular masses, top priority should be given to the desire, demand and convenience of the people and the ideological and artistic value and the practicality should be perfectly ensured according to their emotion and aesthetic sense.

Architecture based on the people-first principle shows that the political idea of the Workers’ Party of Korea has been applied to construction as well.

Wisong Scientists Street

It is a noble intention and will of Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the WPK, to build everything best and perfect for the people.

A building reflects not only the contemporary architecture but also the ideological sentiments, emotion and desire of those who created it intensively and comprehensively. Accordingly, it is called an elaborate art work vividly showing the phases of the times.

The structures built everywhere in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are a fruition of the warm love of the kindhearted father Kim Jong Un who loves the people most.

Apartment Buildings for the Lecturers of Kim Il Sung University

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