Solving a Knotty Problem for Another Success

Daily ceramics like rice and soup bowls and dishes are consumer goods which are in great demand at home.

The Kyongsong Ceramic Factory in Kyongsong County, North Hamgyong Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is producing a number of daily ceramics by solving by itself the scientific and technological problems arising in raising the productivity.

Section Chief Choe Pyong Su says:

“We introduced new technical methods to provide materials for porcelain enamel in our own way. We also used substitute materials to solve the shortage of materials for rollers, a difficult problem arising in the normal operation of the equipment.”

Solving the issue of materials for porcelain enamel by pooling their collective wisdom, the employees of the factory had confidence in their strength. Drawing on the experience, the factory easily solved the issue to produce rollers with local materials. In addition, it produced insulating bricks by itself in a short period, which are necessary to ensure the temperature of the kiln for raising the quality of goods. In the course the employees of the factory were convinced once again of the vitality of the spirit of the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea for boosting their own strength and internal driving force.

It is the work attitude of the officials and employees of the factory to solve a knotty problem for another success.

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