Portable Testing Device Proves Effective

The portable lung-function testing device newly developed by a hospital is reportedly very helpful to its health workers for medical service.

“Compatible with computer, the device can be used at any time and in any place and the results are stored in a database,” said Kim Kwang Myong, chief of its respiratory internal medicine department.

The new device is only a fifth of a notebook computer in size and uses 12v DC.

It can check 27 lung-function examination indexes including forced lung capacity, breathing capacity and amount of spontaneous draft and display the results in numerical value or graphically.

In particular, it shows the normal estimated values of related test indexes against actual measurements on the basis of sex, age, weight and height of the patients to help users judge whether their lung function is normal or diseased.

According to doctor Choe Son Hwa, the medical device can widely be used not only at clinic-level medical institutions but also in the households as its production cost is low and it is easy to operate and highly accurate in measurement.

The device, which proved fully effective during clinical application, was highly appreciated at the 34th national sci-tech festival.


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