Man of Ability in the Field of Geophysical Exploration

Kim Kang Sop (pictured, top left), 55, is a professor and PhD at the geophysical institute of the Resource Sounding Engineering Faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology. He has rendered distinguished services to education and the academic studies.

After his graduation from the university, he started his career as a teacher, and then worked as a researcher and head of a department before taking the office of head of the institute. In those days, he pioneered four subjects for full-time and undergraduate curricula, including “Geophysical Inversion,” taught 13 subjects in total and trained a dozen PhDs and MScs.

He also wrote a dozen kinds of textbooks and other books including “Computer Interpretation of Geophysical Data” and “Super String Theory and Natural Electromagnetic Prospecting” and presented over 80 treatises, including “Study on the Resistivity Image for Electrical and Electromagnetic Explorations”.

With a research group, he launched field projects to carry out the major tasks which were vital in the development of the national economy, including evaluating prospective deposits of several mines, development and application of modern apparatuses for geophysical prospecting and research into volcanoes on Mt Paektu.

He made public valuable papers in the authoritative international science journals.

He also presented 13 essays to the SCI and EI international science journals including “Research on Boundary Conditions in Forward Modeling of Ground Penetrating Radar” (Chinese Journal of Engineering Geophysics, July 2008), “Body Growth Inversion of Magnetic Data with the Use of Non-rectangular Grid” (Journal of Applied Geophysics, February 2014) and “Constrained Smoothness Optimization of Bootstrapped Transfer Functions for Handling Noisy MT Data” (Journal of Applied Geophysics, July 2018).

The presented essays were quoted in the degree theses and journal essays on over 20 occasions.

He was invited by authoritative magazines of different countries to examine essays in 2016 and 2018.

He took part in the symposiums including the 19th IAGA WG on EM, International Seminar on Mt Paektu Volcano and the 14th China International Geo-Electromagnetism Workshop (CIGEW2019) and made presentations on science.

He has been working as a member of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy and the Dublin Institute of Advanced Sciences, Ireland since 2014, and a member of AOGS since September 2019.

Besides, he has been invited on dozens of occasions to the magazines, including Advances in Geosciences and Earth Sciences, and academic societies and institutions in the sector of earth science in various countries to work as an editor and a member of them.

Whenever he is appreciated by his colleagues and friends, he says, “It is not my success but the success in the development of education and science of my country. I will keep studying geophysics for the wellbeing of mankind.”

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