Hoechang County Changes

Hoechang County is located in the southeastern part of South Phyongan Province. Most of its territory is mountainous areas. Officials of the county are making efforts to facelift its appearance as befits a mountainous county.

In the past years, the county has suffered from heavy rains and flooding.

So, they have directed efforts to afforestation and water conservation.

They planted in mountains good species of saplings cultivated in the parent nursery of the county forestry management station and tree nurseries between forests in every ri. They also embanked rivers and streams and built Hoechang Power Station No. 1 and other small- and medium-scale power stations.

They built many roads and bridges along the rivers and streams, which go well with the scenery of mountain villages.

As the days went by, the mountains got thickly wooded and the rivers and soils were conserved, which resulted in developing the economy of the county.

They built not only dwelling houses, a hospital, hall of culture, Mirae health complex and gym in the township but modern rural houses as befits their local features.

They upgraded the educational conditions and environment of nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, junior and senior middle schools and tens of branch schools in the mountainous villages, with the result that the county has ranked one of exemplary education units in the province.

Besides, they renovated local industrial factories conducive to improving the people’s living standards.

Today, the county locals are creating a happy and civilized life by their own efforts.

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