Woman Credited With Distilling National Liquor

The DPRK’s national wine, one of its 10 symbols, was developed by Choe Hyon Sil (pictured), PhD and chief engineer of the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory.

It was some 20 years ago when she, cum laude graduate from then Pyongyang University of Light Industry, formed a connection with wine. A zymology major, she worked as a field engineer at a distillery in Pyongyang at that time.

“At first I wondered whether people would laugh at me as a girl was making liquor, men’s favourite foodstuff,” she recalled, with a smile on her face.

Thanks to her tireless efforts, the factory produced a high-quality liquor a few years later.

Its brand name was so popular that it was exported to several countries of the world.

Without resting on her laurels, she set a higher goal and made strenuous efforts to produce a better wine, which could be boasted as the Korean wine to the world.

She made up her mind to develop it without fail as a Korean technician.

“At that time, I thought the national wine should feel clean, honest and sentimental yet light and refreshing,” said Choe.

Later, she was promoted to chief engineer of the newly built Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory. Here she developed Pyongyang liquor even foreigners like to drink for its light, pleasant and refreshing tastes. It is “Pyongyang Liquor”, the national wine of the DPRK.

Whenever asked how she could develop the national wine in a short time, she answers that she created and completed the technology after getting well informed about the tastes of Koreans and trend of the world.

Choe was granted five national patents and many certificates of original plans and introduction of sci-tech hits. She is now working on a project to develop low-alcoholic drinks while improving the quality of Pyongyang liquor.

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