Culinary Culture of Korea

Songi Mushroom Cooked in Peppered Bean Paste

The dish (pictured) is made by boiling songi mushroom (also known as ‘pine mushroom’ or ‘matsutake mushroom’), a well-known speciality of Korea, with peppered bean paste.

The mushroom that grows around pine trees thrives in the loose soil of sunny places with good ventilation.

It helps strengthen the body and digestive organs, relieves pain, and proves effective in resolving chest coughs and excess phlegm. It is also used as a material for anticancer medicine and diuretic.

It is used to make various dishes and also dried and powdered for spice.

Here is the recipe for the mushroom cooked in peppered bean paste for one person:

The ingredients are 150g of songi mushroom, 10g of hot pepper paste, 10g of Welsh onion, the same amount of sesame oil and 2g of salt mixed with powdered sesame seeds.

Give the mushroom a good clean before splitting it properly. Pour oil into a pot to broil the mushroom pieces and lightly boil them with the pepper paste. When the materials are soaked into soup, sprinkle them with the salt and chopped Welsh onion to complete the savoury dish.

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