National Instruments Combined with Western Ones in Harmony

Scences from the concert Socialist Symphony given by the National Symphony Orchestra.

It is a great delight for everyone to see the performance of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Whenever the performance is given, many people come to the Moranbong Theatre on Moran Hill, the scenic beauty of Pyongyang.

Kim Kyong Mi is one of the fans of the symphony orchestra.

She said she saw most of its performances.

Referring to the concert of the symphony orchestra given in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the formation of three-wind instrumentation last year, she noted that though a lot of electronic instruments made their appearance and different forms of distinctive performances were given, they cannot take the place of orchestral music. In particular, she added, whenever she listens to orchestral music A Bumper Harvest in the Chongsan Plain of the symphony orchestra, she feels as if she hears the rustling sound of ears of rice and looks at happy farmers at a year-end payment place.

But back in the 1960s, the symphony had failed to win popularity of the people. In 1969 Chairman Kim Jong Il told relevant officials that the point was what kind of symphonic music they play, underlining the need to develop the symphony on the principle of arranging folk songs and other famous music pieces favoured by the Korean people and to organize a three-wind instrumentation of a Korean style.

And he told them to form a 120-strong orchestra by subordinating Western instruments to national music and combining national instruments with Western ones.

As a result, a large-scale three-wind instrumentation was organized on January 26 1970. It came to find out a unique tone quality that cannot be imitated by Western instruments by combining national instruments and bring out such orchestral pieces favoured by all the Koreans as The Dear Home in My Native VillageThe Girl on the SwingArirang and A Bumper Harvest in the Chongsan Plain.

Over the past 50 years after the emergence of the Juche-based three-wind instrumentation, the symphony orchestra performed symphonic suite O Korea, I Will Add Glory to Thee, symphonic medley Song Dedicated to the Party and orchestral music pieces FascinationThe Blue Sky over My Country and Our National Flag and many other music pieces to create a sensation at home and abroad.

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