Textbook Production Progresses Apace

Officials and employees of the Educational Books Printing Factory have turned out to carry out the five-year plan for national economic development and are pushing forward production by dint of self-reliance and science and technology.

Last year, officials, technicians and workers of the factory completed the modernization of equipment. This year, too, they are operating the printing equipment at full capacity to produce textbooks.

Preceding process is ensured as the plan of cutting paper of diverse sizes is overfulfilled every day. Under the condition, the printing workshop is increasing its production efficiency while strictly observing the standard regulations in the management and operation of the equipment. Workers of the bookbinding workshop are also discharging their high responsibility in all processes.

Manager Rim Kyong Ju says:

“We are strict with technicians of the factory so that they can make more than one technical innovations a year.
Of course, we face difficulties in production because of shortage of materials. But we are going to finish the textbook production unconditionally in time.”

Thanks to the high enthusiasm of the officials and employees of the factory, the textbook production for a new school year progresses apace.

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