Success in Rehabilitation, a Competent Doctor

Convalescent cure is medical service activities for recuperating the patients to the state before their illness.

It is also called rehabilitation medicine.

Doctor Hyon Kyong Son at the Rehabilitation Department of the Kim Man Yu Hospital says:

“Usually, convalescent cure is for cases of cerebral apoplexy and polio.

Early rehabilitation is available for the patients whose life indexes are normal. What is fundamental in the convalescent cure is to give about one-week intensive treatment to the patients from the first day of the outbreak of their illness so as to help them remove their aftereffects and perform the normal functions of their bodies.”

Hyon Kyong Son has a rich experience in rehabilitation.

17 years ago he graduated from the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences and started his career as a doctor at the Rehabilitation Department of the hospital.

He was fascinated with the rehabilitation medicine guaranteeing all the normal physiological functions of the human body by using physical means, not using any medicines, and made great efforts to improve his clinical techniques. He has completed new treatment methods while curing the patients with incurable diseases such as the aftereffects of cerebral thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage. In addition, he invented practical medical appliances for treatment of patients.

He gave a sincere treatment to a boy in Phyongchon District who couldn’t go out of his house for years due to acquired polio, so that he could walk outside. He also cured an old man in Taedonggang District who had not moved his body because of the aftereffect of cerebral hemorrhage.

All the successes are a fruition of his efforts to make the people enjoy the benefits of socialist health system.

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