Silk Goods Favoured by People

Silk is a traditional cloth of Korea widely known to the world for its lightness, toughness, beautiful patterns and soft touch.

It is woven with thread from cocoon and diverse in its kind.

Thousands of years ago, Koreans began weaving silk and the silk goods have been widely used by people up to the date.

There are cocoon production units and silk mills for silk production in all parts of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Of them, the Nyongbyon and Pakchon Silk Mills in North Phyongan Province are famous for their silk production.

The silk goods are diverse in kind; different types of clothes according to seasons, quilts and various fancy items. They have beautiful colours, patterns and shapes.

Especially, the national silk clothes are favoured by the Korean people.

Active efforts are made in the DPRK to increase the production and variety of the silk goods and further improve their quality in accordance with the aesthetic sense of the times.

In the capital city Pyongyang there are the Pyongyang and Ryonghung Silk Fabrics Shops selling silk goods. Officials of the shops say the silk goods are in great demand as they have more advantages than other fabrics; they are soft to the touch, do not cling to skin and are good for skin.

Various kinds of silk goods add national emotion to life and give pleasure and happiness to the people.

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