Efforts Made to Acquire New Farmland

A project is pushed by the General Tideland Reclamation Enterprise of South Hwanghae Province.

A large area of cold and damp land has been reclaimed into paddy fields in Sepho County, Kangwon Province.

“It is not easy to find arable land in our county. So we turned our eyes to cold and damp land,” said an official in the county.

The county took measures to dig a ditch to drain cold water and supply brook water to paddy fields and demanded farms to increase their soil fertility by carpeting them with humus soil and applying much manure and peat to raise crops.

In recent years, Ichon County in the province has pushed ahead with the reclamation of farmland along the Rimjin River in a planned way.

According to a county official, as the area was far from the county town and they had to cross the big river, it was difficult to transport manpower and farming materials.

The county built an iron vessel to carry materials and equipment needed for reclamation.

Effective farming methods have been introduced to protect the reclaimed land and make it fertile.

In particular, they have planted Evodia daniellii at regular intervals to prevent soil from being blown away by strong winds and washed away by rainwater and grown crops like maize and bean in between to produce grains while improving soil fertility.

They have applied a circular cultivation to maize farming.

The county is directing efforts to turning the area into a grain production base by building dwelling houses on the reclaimed land.

A large area of land has also been brought under the plough in recent years in Pyongyang.

The municipality made a detailed survey of right soil to be reclaimed for farming including the land in the water areas, forest land with under 20 degree gradients and bogs.

The Kumthan Farm in Sadong District put several hectares of land under the plough by rezoning the land in the water area. The Ryongsan Vegetable Farm in Mangyongdae District realigned several hectares of land into standardized fields while rearranging the several thousand-metre section of a waterway to secure more arable acreage.

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