Authority on Korean Language

Academician, Professor and Doctor Kim Yong Hwang, authority on Korean language, is making researches at Kim Il Sung University in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

In Juche 45 (1956) he graduated from the then postgraduate course of Kim Il Sung University with honours through the Korean Language Course of the Korean Linguistics Faculty of the university. He became a doctor in 1981, professor in 1984, candidate academician in 2000 and academician in 2008.

While conducting his educational activities for more than 60 years he has written over 50 books including over 10 textbooks and reference books such as “Phonetics of Modern Korean Language” and “History of Development of Korean Language”, making a great contribution to the development of the Korean linguistics.

Since Juche 80 (1991) he has been working as a visiting professor of Korean language at the Beijing University and the Central National University of China and the Far Eastern National University of Russia.

He took part in international academic seminars held at a number of universities in the world and achieved many successes and trained more than 10 doctors.

Academician Kim Yong Hwang says:

“While studying the Korean language I have got the conclusion that it is a well-framed, excellent language.
Our pronunciation can express the sounds of words of any other countries and the grammar is also well-constructed. Vocabulary is also rich. Especially, it is possible to write any foreign languages with Korean letters.”

Kim Yong Hwang is still making a deeper study of the excellence of the Korean language and writing books on it.

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