Vegetable Greenhouses He Visited

On June 19, Juche 102 (2013) the respected Kim Jong Un visited the vegetable greenhouses of the Songhak Cooperative Farm in Anju City of South Phyongan Province.

While looking round the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute whose capacity was expanded in the previous year, he had said good greenhouses should be built in the provinces to provide the people with fresh vegetables in all seasons.

This is how the vegetable greenhouses were built in all provinces, cities and counties.

Kim Jong Un called at the vegetable greenhouses of the Songhak Cooperative Farm in an out-of-the-way place to learn about whether or not the greenhouses were proving effective in reality.

The greenhouses were built to grow different kinds of vegetables such as bok choy, red pepper, cucumber and tomato with the use of solar heat in all seasons.

Going round the vegetable greenhouses, Kim Jong Un learned in detail about what kind of vegetables are planted and cultivated, and about heating in winter, ventilation in summer and the amount of vegetables produced a year. And he praised the farm for having built the vegetable greenhouses with large production capacity by itself.

He said he liked the greenhouses which had been built with the local materials in conformity with the reality of the countryside and called for producing various kinds of vegetables all the year round so that the farmers could substantially benefit from them.

He stressed that it is necessary to build vegetable greenhouses in different places and operate them properly and it is of important significance in overcoming the seasonal limitations of the vegetable production and supplying fresh vegetables to the people in all seasons.

That day, he presented specific ways to increase the greenhouse vegetable production such as the issues on building greenhouses according to the regional climatic and soil conditions and on arranging crops in the greenhouses in keeping with the biological characteristics.

Thanks to his care, vegetables are harvested all the year round.

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