Peculiar Performance in the Capital City

One day in November Juche 108 (2019), the respected Kim Jong Un visited the August 25 Fishery Station of the Korean People’s Army and enjoyed an art performance given by the station.

The performers put on the stage various programmes representing their life.

Kim Jong Un expressed thanks to them for their ideologically and artistically perfect performance which gave deep impressions to him and invited them to Pyongyang at the year-end.

This is how the peculiar performance was given in the capital city Pyongyang in late December.

Kim Jong Un visited the station many a time; on a rainy foul day or in cold winter.

He named a new fishing boat “Tanphung” (Maple) in the meaning that they should get a big haul of fish in the sea as well like bumper harvest.

Setting the amount of fish to be caught every year, he earnestly said: This is not an order, but my request. Write to me when you carry out the plan. I will wait for happy news.

Afterwards, they overfulfilled their fishing plan and wrote a letter to him. Reading their letter, Kim Jong Un called at the station in cold winter and sat down on the ledge of storage tank without ceremony to have a picture taken with officials.

All the programmes vividly showed his efforts devoted to the development of the fishing industry and the course of the station developed thanks to his efforts.

Besides, the artistic effect of the performance was emphasized by the setting depicting the “Tanphung”-line fishing boat and the props of the dancing sea gulls, fish, octopus and clam.

The simple and truthful performance gave deep impressions to the audience.

It suggested that where there is a song, there is a victory of revolution, and those who are convinced of the victory of revolution can live an optimistic life.

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