Dream to Become a Writer

It is said that a beautiful dream is mirrored on the child’s mind.

12-year-old Yun Hae Ryong studying at the Changdok School in the capital city Pyongyang has a dream to be a good writer from his childhood.

In his kindergarten days he loved reading illustrated books. He would tell his friends what he read and it was really vivid.

Witnessing it several times, his teacher let him write a diary every day and kindly taught him merits and demerits after reading it. Since then he fell into the habit of keeping a diary every day.

At first, his composition was somewhat clumsy. But his composing ability gradually improved enough to write a good diary. His reading quantity increased and power of expression became rich. He knew how to find something new in common life.

Reading his diaries, his primary school teacher found his literary talents and tried to develop them.

Under the teacher’s guidance his composing ability improved day by day. In the course Yun Hae Ryong was awarded the “Our Classroom” literary prize, contributed his writings to publications and completed a collection of his writings.

He has notebooks with the title “My Dream”, which contain all works he has written including his first child poem. They show the literary development of the little writer.

Last year Yun Hae Ryong left the primary school and entered a junior middle school.

His school and teacher changed, but he could find teachers to help develop his talents everywhere he went. Under their love and help he had another notebook with the same cover last year.

He is going to success step by step.

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