Ryugyong Rose Service Complex

The Ryugyong Rose Service Complex is at the entrance to Mirae Scientists Street in the capital city Pyongyang.

Official Pak Mo Ran says:

“Our complex is characterized by its service using rose. We have improved new methods for recovery from fatigue, promotion of health and increased effect of skin protection by using active ingredients of rose. From this year we are rendering services with those methods.

We have also demanded the barbers and hairdressers raise their skills and introduce new hairstyles suited to the aesthetic sense of the times and diverse methods for hair nutrition.”

In the complex, everybody can smell the sweet fragrance of rose, see beautiful roses in different places and taste rose tea.

What is most popular there is a refreshing and sweet-smelling bath with rose water and roseleaves.

After having a bath, the customers say with pleasure that when they submerge themselves in the bathtub full of clean rose water, they feel as if their skin gets soft and that they are relieved of their pent-up fatigue in an instant and feel refreshed.

The soft drink bar is the favourite place of the customers in the complex whose surroundings are in good harmony with the rose. They serve the customers with soft drinks including the rose tea made from rosebud.

Especially, the rose tea is not only fragrant but also good for relieving one’s fatigue and protecting the liver. Drinking it for a long time is said to make the skin beautiful and so the women like it all the more.

People’s popularity of the Ryugyong Rose Service Complex is growing day by day.

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