University Researchers Develop Electrolytic Analyser

“We have recently made an electrolytic analyser which only a few countries of the world can manufacture,” said Jo Kun Se, director of the synthesis and analysis laboratory of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

The electrolytic analyser used in the medical sector makes a prompt and accurate analysis of potassium, sodium, calcium, chlorine and pH in such electrolytes as serum and urine, thus contributing to giving a scientific diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The researchers established a new manufacturing method for the analyser in the building of system and control program designing.

They developed the circuits and program capable of ensuring data communication by using the touch screen that is used in advanced equipment and devices in the world. They made the algorithm so as to perform necessary calculations while carrying on keying on the multifunctional touch screen in a comprehensive way, and designed interfaces for the convenience of users. In addition, they developed the driving circuit and program for the stepping motor in order to complete the negative pressure sample injection system and confirmed the rational stages of injection, stop and measuring of samples in consideration of the fluid characters of the samples passing through electrodes.

According to section chief Kim Pyong Hun, they optimized the time of analysis to reduce it by 1.5 times as against before and increased the accuracy of analysis to 99.8 percent.

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