To Provide People with a Higher Civilized Living Conditions

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the site of damage rehabilitation in the Komdok area of South Hamgyong Province in October last year.

He went to the far-off and rugged Komdok area along the dangerous gorge railroad temporarily repaired.

That day Kim Jong Un took it as a pressing issue which brooks no further delay to build good dwellings for all people in the Komdok area and conceived a bold operation to change the whole of the Komdok area.

In the report on the work of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea he made between January 5 and 7, Kim Jong Un set it as the basic tasks facing the construction field during the new five-year plan period to massively carry out the capital construction including housing construction so as to provide the people with higher civilized living conditions.

He said: By concentrating efforts on the construction of 50,000 flats in Pyongyang, the construction field should set the annual plans for building 10,000 flats every year, starting from this year, scrupulously organize the construction operation and guidance for implementing the plans and thus basically settle the housing problem for the Pyongyang citizens.

25,000 houses should be built in the Komdok area, a leading nonferrous mineral producer where a large contingent of workers live, transforming it into a mining city with no comparison in the world, he added.

More beautiful future will be brought to this land thanks to Kim Jong Un with the firm faith and will to build a socialist paradise where the people enjoy a happy life.


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