Increasing Our Own Strength and Internal Force

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is vigorously promoting the socialist construction by increasing its own strength and internal force in every way.

Some years ago, the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un unfolded a grand plan to build a large-scale fishing village on the shore of the East Sea of Korea and as its preceding process, put forward a task to build the Koam-Tapchon Railway on a modern basis.

At that time Korea had no experience in marine railway construction.

Kim Jong Un gave the builders the task to build a new marine railway with domestic technology and equipment, believing in their strength. Encouraged by it, the builders buckled down to the construction of the first marine railway, the untrodden path, without depending on and following others.

Overcoming the unfavorable conditions and difficulties in the fighting spirit of self-reliance, they introduced world-advanced method of construction with existing facilities and equipment, not with large-size equipment which need a colossal sum of fund.

One day in May Juche 107 (2018), Kim Jong Un came out to the spot and looking at the completed marine railway bridge, said with satisfaction that our people does not know the word of impossibility and they can do anything when they are determined to do.

He also said the completion of the new railway has convinced us once again of the tremendous strength of our state making a leap forward on the firm foundation of the self-supporting economy.

It is his noble intention to bring about a great leap forward in the economic construction by increasing our own strength and internal force.

True to his intention, the Korean people built many monumental creations and made successes in the production of new-type trolley buses, tractors and trucks during the past five years.

All these are a fruition of the strenuous efforts and development as strong as tens of times which cannot be compared with the figures of the economic construction in peacetime as they were brought about by dint of self-reliance in the long vicious sanctions and blockade and severe disasters.

At the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong Un presented the five-year plan for national economic development whose basic seed and theme are self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

The Korean people will greatly increase their own strength and internal force in socialist construction under the leadership of Kim Jong Un to win a great new victory in all fields.

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