Sports Club Introduces Effective Tools

The Pyongyang Sports Club proves successful in training players by making dozens of kinds of highly-effective apparatuses.

Of them is a multifunctional individual football training apparatus made by Ri Jong Hui, People’s Athlete and instructor of juvenile sports school of the Pyongyang Sports Club. The apparatus won high appreciation at the 23rd national sports sci-tech achievement show in 2019 (for the sector of training apparatuses) and the sci-tech exhibition of health and sports sectors between the DPRK and China as it helps exactly exercise passing, kick, stop, heading and others without a training partner.

“The multifunctional individual football training apparatus is good for ensuring the accuracy of players’ movements. In particular, it makes a player carry out all the training tasks by himself, greatly unaffected by the time and place,” said Sung Hyang Sim, football player and Merited Athlete of the club.

Ri Jong Hui, mother of two children, began to make the instrument for her nine-year-old son with a thought to provide him with that for self-training.

As the apparatus took shape gradually, she had an idea that it would be useful for players and made the multifunctional one by drawing on long experience gained in her life as a player and instructor.

A shoulder and waist strength developing apparatus is also popular with coaches and players of artistic gymnastics.

The apparatus is said to be very effective in developing muscles for improving the flying height of flight movements at horizontal and uneven bars and maintaining the capacity of keeping levelness at rings.

Inspired by the effort of instructor Ri Jong Hui, Kim Chang Gyu, coach of artistic gymnastics, contrived this apparatus.

“You cannot create anything without affection for and pride in your occupation,” Ri said, after making the shoulder and waist strength developing apparatus through painstaking quest.

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