Philatelist Inspired by Chronicling Country’s Development

People usually say that stamps chronicles history.

Because though small, each individual stamp visually reflects the history of development of a country and the thoughts and feelings of people.

Therefore, even though its original utility value has fallen due to the development of telecommunications means, it is maintaining its attractiveness as the “name card of a country”, “bill of a country” and “paper jewel”.

Ri Un Jong, who lives in Ryonghung-dong No. 1, Taesong District, Pyongyang, is an ardent philatelist.

“I started collecting stamps under the influence of my father who was an enthusiastic stamp collector. As he showed me his album when I was young, he would tell me about the aspects of development of our country, its history, customs and various plants and animals. That was how I came to develop attachment to stamps,” said Ri.

So she grew up as she saw her father making his album happily, and she started collecting stamps seven years ago and has now an album of over 2,000 kinds of stamps.

She has special interest in the stamps depicting the images of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and the majority of her collections are said to be those representing the leaders in theme. She also likes collecting stamps showing world-famous persons, structures and paintings and dealing with world events, flowers and sports aces.

Since she became mother of a child two years ago, she has collected large numbers of stamps portraying children.

Her stamps are popular with many people and at stamp exhibitions for their diverse themes, delicate and rich artistic description, and chronological value.

She has a younger brother who is also a stamp collection fan.

“Whenever I open my stamp album, I feel warm affection for our country with a long history, stirring present reality and our society in which everyone lives harmoniously helping and leading one another forward,” said Ri Un Jong.

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