Fully Provided with the Right to Education

January 24 is the International Day of Education.

It was instituted at the 44th Plenary Meeting of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly held in December 2018 with the aim of providing the people with full rights to education and strengthening the international cooperation for equal, comprehensive and qualitative education.

The right to receive education is the most fundamental and important of the rights man should be provided by the state and society.

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the universal 11-year compulsory education was enforced already tens of years ago. Now with the enforcement of the universal 12-year compulsory education, the people are fully provided with the right to receive education compulsorily from the time when they reach the school age.

Schools have been built only for one or two children in deep mountain villages and on isolated islands, and teachers go there to teach them. Disabled children are also enjoying the equal rights to learning.

Orphanages and primary and middle schools for orphans have been wonderfully built under the state concern.

The state fully provides all people with the right to free education.

It fully bears the expenses for education.

It ensures not only preschool, primary and secondary education but also higher and social education free of charge.

All people are fully provided with the right to receive education in modern educational conditions and excellent environment.

In recent years active efforts have been made to renovate the teaching conditions and environment of the educational institutions in accordance with the trend of development of advanced education and the pedagogical demand.

Bases for extracurricular education and activities including the schoolchildren’s palaces and halls and Children’s Union camps have been built in all parts of the country, where the schoolchildren can develop their talents. In addition, the Grand People’s Study House and the Sci-Tech Complex serve as the centre of social education for all people and as the centre of making all people well-versed in science and technology.

Well-organized tele-education system has been established, under which all members of the society can receive higher education while working. So all people are acquiring modern science and technology and versatile knowledge in their work places.

The Korean people are storing up their knowledge for development of the country under the state benefits.

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