Association Dedicated to Happy Families

The officials of the Korean Family Planning & Maternal Child Health Association hold a discussion to draw up their plan for reproductive health services.

According to Ko Kwang Jin, president of the Korean Family Planning & Maternal Child Health Association, the association properly carried out planned activities last year.

While conducting information activities through mass media and its website last year, the KFP & MCHA disseminated information about sexual and reproductive health and its activities among 1.01 million people and undertook various efforts, including those for strengthening the ranks of volunteer workers and improving the professional abilities of young officials.

The association moved the service units from urban areas to rural and mountainous areas so as to offer comprehensive and quality services to clients. As a result, a total of 316,000 sexual and reproductive health services were provided to nearly 100,000 clients.

Mun Ae Hwa, a woman in her twenties living in Maengsan County, South Phyongan Province, graduated from a nursing school and became a volunteer worker for the association in March last year. “I was simply impressed with the work of the members of the association who devoted themselves to the improvement of people’s sexual and reproductive health, and I decided to help them,” said Mun, adding that she would cooperate with them more closely in future.

Having clearly exhibited fairness in its activities as a regular member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, it passed the third phase in-country accreditation review in June 2019 and became a full member of the federation in November last year by faithfully implementing the post-accreditation action plan.

So Hyon Chol, executive director of the association, said that all the achievements made last year were unthinkable without the support of the DPRK government which unsparingly provides everything needed for the health and welfare of the people.

He also expressed his gratitude to many officials concerned and the IPPF that supported and backed them so that they could continue their efforts for sexual and reproductive health services.

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