Hosiery Production Based on Recycling Technology

Everybody likes the “Choljjuk”-trademarked hosiery produced at the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory.

This year, the factory is solving sci-tech problems arising in improving the quality of hosiery and meeting the increasing demand for them while economizing the raw and other materials to the utmost.

It has tapped the internal reserves and recycled the waste fabrics thrown away as useless things in the past, thus securing a large amount of raw and other materials. It has also encouraged its employees to pool their collective wisdom to find out technical ways for doing away with the shortcomings of the recycled materials. Their efforts eventually led to solving the problems concerning the hosiery making and tenacity.

Here is Cha Kuk Chol, Vice-Director of the Industrial Technology Institute.

“The same goes for the dyeing process. We have made one hundred and tens of experiments to make the best use of the existing raw and other materials.

In the course of it, we could get rational results to make better colours while saving the materials to the maximum.”

The recycling technology introduced by the factory is contributing to the normalization of the production.

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