Grandma Gathers Scrap Iron to Play Her Part for Country

Sin Yong Suk living in neighbourhood unit No. 52 of Ryonmot-dong, Sosong District, Pyongyang, is called a “patriotic grandmother”.

The 69-year-old has so far done a lot of good works for society for more than 20 years. She has done good things for smelters of the Chollima Steel Complex, war veterans and special-class honoured disabled soldiers, collected large quantities of scrap iron to send it to steel works and prepared aid materials with sincerity to send them to construction sites in the capital city.

Of them, she would often recollect the days when she gathered scrap iron.

It was 12 years ago when she started to gather scrap iron.

One day, she went to a purchasing shop with used things.

At that time, she was told by a procurement worker that the number of those collecting scrap iron dwindled though a great deal of scrap iron was needed by steel works.

That day, she looked back upon the past when she disregarded the collection of scrap iron.

Steel is required to build modern dwellings, bases for cultural and leisure activities and factories. From now on, I’ll gather a large quantity of scrap iron to contribute to producing structural steel.

With such a resolve, she buckled down to gathering scrap iron.

One day she got hurt in the leg as she went down a slope with the scrap iron she picked up by the riverside.

“At that time, I asked my mother why she was looking for trouble despite her advancing age. Then, she answered that she only wanted to give the country even a little help,” said her eldest daughter Kim Un Gyong.

Once she surprised villagers by separating a great deal of reinforcing bar from concrete.

That day, an official of a mine said that he was very moved by her mind, referring to the fact that he had no idea of looking for such a good thing, although he asked for steel materials to the country.

People came to tenderly call her as a “grandmother who collects scrap iron” and she gave a great help to the country’s economic activity by gathering 23 tons of scrap iron.

Her patriotic mind is evidenced by many certificates of assistance she obtained.

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