Active Teaching Competition

The Taesin Primary School in Tongdaewon District of the capital city Pyongyang encourages the teachers to improve their qualifications and create new teaching methods through the teaching competition.

Officials of the school often organize teaching competition as they know well it is very important to improve the qualifications of the teachers in making education one that is entirely responsible for our future.

Primary efforts are directed to involving all teachers including new teachers in the teaching competition to prepare themselves as those well-versed in everything. The school informed its staff of the experience of the teachers who made good successes in the national, city and district teaching competitions and thus gave confidence to the new teachers that they can be successful in the teaching competitions when they make efforts.

Meanwhile, the school organizes an emulation drive between sections and between individuals to increase their enthusiasm.

It is said that in the course, new teachers as well as the experienced teachers are creating a lot of good new teaching methods which are of great interest and can give the greatest effect in teaching.

Here is Pyon Kyong Hui, Section Head of the Taesin Primary School.

“Our section has already taken the first place in the teaching competition held every month. On the basis of the experience, all our teachers are making positive efforts to create another new teaching methods such as speech recognition technology, virtual experience technology and the teaching method by electronic pen in accordance with the characteristics of the primary school children.”

The tireless pursuit and efforts of the educators will bring better fruition.

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