Social System

Warm Affection Pervades Community

A high-rise apartment building rose up in Puksong-dong No. 2 in Phyongchon District of Pyongyang some years ago.

The tall building covered with bright-coloured tiles in its gently curved surfaces, unlike ordinary right-angled ones, left an indelible impression on the residents.

And now it has become well known to the dong and district and is broadcast on TV as it is imbued with warm affection for each other among its residents.

Everyone is friendly to each other and helps one another forward, while sharing weal and woe, every element of the building retains the freshness at the time of house moving even after several years and a playground for children they built reminds viewers of a small fairyland—these are expressive of harmony of the residents.

“Our neighbourhood unit forms a harmonious family thanks to the pivotal role of its head Ri Hyang Ok. You can hardly find such a head like Ri who cares so much for the residents in her neighbourhood unit and devotes her all to the good of them,” said Jong Tong Suk, a female resident.

The charming woman in an advancing age takes loving care of all the households under her charge like a meticulous mother with many children would do.

Nothing is a trifling matter to her in the neighborhood—she always makes sure that every family is supplied with allotted goods from the grocery and greengrocery and checks whether the water and heating systems are in a normal state and whether any family needs helping hand for being busy with duty at workplace.

Thanks to her efforts, the happy events of each household turn into joyful occasions of all neighbours, including elderly persons’ birthdays, enlistment of young people in the army, enrolment at universities and marriage.

Many heart-warming stories were also created last year.

For example, a girl living in apartment 2 on the 22nd floor who had lost her eyesight due to an accident restored her sight thanks to the sincere care of neighbours. All households spared nothing for an old man in apartment 2 on the ground floor who volunteered to go to a rehabilitation site despite his advanced age. And a lifelike wall painting depicting seascape, animal sculptures and chairs in the shape of cut logs were arranged in a playground for children.

“An old saying goes that pleasure gets bigger and sorrow smaller when shared. As all the families help each other, the happy event of individual household gets bigger and the worries of each family are removed with laughter—this is becoming a trait of our neighbourhood unit,” said Ri Hyang Ok.

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