As a Thriving Shop and Socialist Shop

The Changgwang Shop is one of the leading commercial service centres in the capital Pyongyang.

It was established in November Juche 72 (1983). It has made a great contribution to improving the material and cultural life of the the people.

With the construction of Mirae Scientists Street, the shop was enlarged twofold on a modern basis, fully ensuring storage and selling of products and convenience of the buyers.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who is always concerned to improve the material and cultural life of the people, chose the site of the Changgwang Shop in Mirae Scientists Street and guided its miniature. And on the evening of September 24, Juche 104(2015) he visited the shop before its opening.

Looking round different floors of the shop, he said with great pleasure: The shop is full of diverse quality goods made by our workers. The goods have been well displayed. The shop is bright. The atmosphere is really good.

He stressed the need to learn in time what kinds of commodities people like and what kinds of goods are in great demand and take necessary measures to supply goods without running out of stock. He said it is necessary to constantly improve the goods-displaying method and actively accept the advanced methods of service and the service workers should devotedly conduct their activities with the consciousness that they are faithful servants of the people.

That day, Kim Jong Un called for filling the shop with different kinds of good-quality commodities so that the people can often visit it to buy goods as they please, making it a thriving shop and socialist shop.

The Changgwang shop opened in October that year is always crowded with people.

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