Upward Turn in Power Generation

Workers monitor power generation at Huichon Power Station Unit 2.

The electric-power industry sector overfulfilled its electricity production plan by 8 percent last year.

The secret lies in focusing all energies on building the capacity of generating facilities, said Han Jin Gyong, department director of the Ministry of Electric Power Industry.

To this end, steady efforts were made to step up the overhaul of boilers and turbine generators, maintain the original performance of boilers and increase the output of each generator at thermal power stations.

In particular, the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex ensured the domestic production of turbine blade in close collaboration with the State Academy of Sciences.

An official of the complex said that the turbine blade has been under trial run since it was introduced last October, and the output of each generator has been increased by thousands of kW.

The Chongchongang Thermal Power Station applied the automatic control system for combustion stabilization to a boiler, thereby saving several tons of heavy oil and hundreds of tons of coal every month.

Dozens of hydropower turbine blades with high efficiency have been introduced into hydropower stations.

The blade is said to be 2-3 percent more efficient than the previous one and its lifespan is over ten times longer.

Modernization of the power distribution and supply system has been pushed dynamically.

“The ministry increased voltage step in a planned way in the past five years in order to reduce the transmission loss of electricity and make effective use of generated electricity,” said Ri Chol Gyong, an official of the Ministry of Electric Power Industry.

According to him, hundreds of major transformers and over 10 000 kilometres of power distribution lines were remodelled throughout the country and transmission loss was reduced by tens of thousands of kW.

The Pyongyang municipal power distribution station rationally formed the electric distribution system of the Kangdong Area Coal-mining Complex to increase voltage step so as to ensure the sufficient supply of electricity for coal production. The power distribution station in South Hamgyong Province established the transmission system in a radial way to ensure the quality and reliability of power supply for railroads, coal mines and other industrial establishments in the province.

In addition, medium-sized, small, miniature and super miniature hydropower plants were built in places with water source in order to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity, while the construction of a large-scale hydropower station was pushed in the Tanchon area.

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