Right to Free Medical Care

Citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are entitled to free medical care and this right is firmly ensured by law by the Socialist Constitution and the Public Health Law of the DPRK.

This right is successfully exercised by popular policies including the universal free medical care system.

The free medical care system was enforced in Korea from Juche 36 (1947), first for the workers, office workers and their dependants according to the Social Insurance Law.

Universal free medical care system treating all people without restriction was enforced from January 1, Juche 42 (1953) during the Fatherland Liberation War and complete and universal free medical care system from Juche 49 (1960).

There are medical service establishments and medical workers everywhere the working people live such as cities, countryside, fishing and mountainous villages, and the section-doctor system, an advanced medical service system, is enforced there. The working people can receive the prophylactic treatment and be provided with diagnosis, medicines, hospitalization, recuperation, assistance at a childbirth, dental prosthesis, prostheses and meals in hospital free of charge.

They can also travel to and from sanatoria for treatment at state expense.

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