Hospital Works to Promote Traditional Medicines

Ri Jong Bom living in Pothonggang District of Pyongyang was diagnosed with spondylitis ankylopoietica caused by rheumatism at the age of 20 and spent five years bedridden.

But he became able to rise up thanks to the medical workers of the massage treatment department of the Pyongyang Municipal Koryo Medicine Hospital.

With remarkable prowess at traditional medicine, they grasped detailed information about the case’s disease and enabled him to sit up by himself in three months by dint of massage treatment, to walk by himself after five months and run just like ordinary people in one year.

They brought back to health a patient, who had remained on bed for six months due to slipped disk and autonomic imbalance, in 40 days and completely cured other cases, who could not speak for two years owing to cervical spondylosis, and could not do even simple work due to severe hand shaking, in only five days.

“The secret is not attributable to any mysterious medicine. I simply got the knack of physiology of human body and Koryo medicine and made the most of them,” said Kwon Tok Sang, department chief who is called a “doctor with mysterious hands” by patients.

Pak Yong Ae, chief of the gynaecology department of the Pyongyang Municipal Koryo Medicine Hospital, also excels in treatment, winning favour with patients.

She completely cures hysteromyoma that presupposes operation in many cases by combining traditional Koryo medicines with moxibustion and acupuncture.

And she successfully cures such diseases as toxaemia of pregnancy and postpartum diseases peculiar to women by using the above-mentioned method.

“Our goal is to help the people maintain their health by relying on modern science and technology and combining modern medicine with the merits of Koryo medicine,” said Pak Yong Ae, adding the merits of Koryo medicine are that it reduces pain while preserving the intestines without depending on scalpel.

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