Tea Culture Encouraged

Tea has become a luxury of the Korean people as the days go by.

From olden times, tea was regarded as the “elixir of life curing all diseases” and “drink of hermits” refreshing and calming oneself down.

The teahouses and restaurants serve the customers with not only the Kangryong Green Tea and the Kangryong Black Tea but also different kinds of tea made with insam, a specialty of Korea, fruit of Schizandra chinensis, the root bark of Acanthopanax sessiliflorum, Cassia occidentalis and others.

The teahouses serve the customers with tea while kindly informing them of various common knowledge of tea. In the course, people have a deeper understanding of the tea culture.

Tea enthusiasts prepare and drink tea as taught in the teahouses. Many people like drinking tea in work places and houses.

A lot of tea leaves are produced in Kangryong County of South Hwanghae Province and in Kosong County of Kangwon Province of Korea.

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