Predatory Fish Habituated to Assorted Feed

Researchers at the Central Fish Farming Institute observe the mandarin fish farming process based on assorted feed.

In recent years, DPRK pisciculturists have been successful in mandarin fish farming.

Mandarin fish is known to have tough flesh which is delicious and highly nutritious. However, it is hard to breed with assorted feed as it is hot-tempered and hardly feeds on dead fish.

“In order to vitalize mandarin fish farming, it is necessary to produce fry that can be released into rivers and lakes,” said Sin Sang Il, director of the central fish farming institute, adding they have recently developed a mandarin fish farming technology based on assorted feed.

According to him, they ensured a high protein content of the assorted feed by combining additives that contain fish powder, bean cake, vitamins and minerals.

In order to change the eating habit of mandarin fish from preying on live fish to having assorted feed, researchers starved them for a certain period so that they forget the original eating habit and feed on the assorted feed competitively.

To improve the effectiveness of this method, the first assorted feed should be made from protein-rich ingredients and be fed immediately after production before drying up.

Especially, the researchers discovered that as their carnivorous nature becomes stronger as mandarin fish grows bigger, it is more effective to change its eating habit using assorted feed in the nascent stage of growth.

Forming feed into the shape of a willow leaf makes mandarin fish mistake assorted feed for live fish.

It is best to do mandarin fish farming using artificial feed in a small cage net because ensuring a high density can improve the utilization rate of feed by increasing chances for the fish to see and track feed, said section chief Kim Kang Nam.

The mandarin fish farming technology has been introduced into some natural water areas including Lake Yonphung.

According to an official of the Lake Yonphung Stocking Fishery Station, the new technology reduced the production cost of mandarin fish by half as compared to the method of using live fish as feed.

The technology of changing the eating habit of mandarin fish using assorted feed was highly appreciated at the 34th National Festival of Science and Technology last year.

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