Everyone writes a letter. It is usual for all to write to their parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends whenever they are happy and joyful and face difficulties.

A newly married couple living in Kumya County of South Hamgyong Province wrote a letter to the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in July Juche 102 (2013).

The letter said how they had got married under the loving care of the motherly Workers’ Party of Korea, though they had taken the wrong way of life when the country had a hard time.

They related that the Party organization provided them with household goods and daily necessities, they shed tears at the wedding ceremony and they felt the love of the motherly Party in an Party official who took warm care of them with paternal affection.

Kim Jong Un was glad to read their letter saying that they were born as a happy couple again in the bosom of the motherly Party and they became a new family enjoying all happiness.

Though busy, he sent them his kind reply letter, saying: I congratulate you on your marriage. I hope that you would give birth to many sons and daughters and lead a happy life.

And he sent an autograph letter of thanks to the Party official who took warm care of them with the motherly love and affection.

The autograph represented the noble will of Kim Jong Un that the officials should look after the people like the lenient and kind mother who spares nothing for her children.

When some Party cell secretaries wrote a letter of their resolve to him right after the Fourth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK in January that year, he wrote the lyrics of a song of the motherly Party along with his autograph that they should be genuine mothers striking a spark in the hearts of the Party members.

It is the starting point of his thinking and activities to devote everything to the people with the motherly affection.

In the autograph letter he sent to the entire people on the occasion of Juche 110 (2021), he said that in the new year, too, he will work hard to bring earlier the new era in which the ideals and desires of our people will come true.

He made a pledge once again to remain faithful to the great people.

The Korean people entrust their destiny and future to Kim Jong Un as they cannot live apart from his love and affection for them.

The warm love of Kim Jong Un for the people and the people’s infinite loyalty to him are the source of strength of this country.

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