Home-Made Turbine Blades Prove Effective

“We concentrated on recovering the efficiency of the generating equipment last year,” said an official of the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex. “It was an important undertaking for boosting power output with the existing production capacity without adding new facilities.”

To this end, the complex set it as the key task to ensure domestic production of turbine blades.

The last turbine blade which has dozens of stages is vulnerable to breakage due to various factors including changes of pressure and temperature during operation, corrosion and ageing.

Scientists and technicians, through painstaking efforts, succeeded in making turbine blades of good quality and with high machining accuracy.

The complex installed the blades into one of its turbines and carried out a successful test on mechanical strength and protection against overspeed at a high rotation rate.

And then, the generator was tested by connecting it to the power grid in parallel and also went through a full-load trial run.

“Since the blades were introduced last October, the power output has been raised by thousands of kilowatts, which is nearly equal to the capacity of several medium-sized and small power stations,” said Ri Yong Chol, senior engineer at the turbine workshop.

On that basis, the complex is now working to install the locally produced blades in other turbines.

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