Patriotic People

Woman Passionately Committed to Primary Education

Ponghak Primary School in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, is renowned for good educational conditions and environment as well as for the competent teaching staff.

“The national fame of our school is unthinkable apart from painstaking efforts of headmistress Ri Kyong Ae (pictured),” said vice-headmistress Ko Won Hwa.

Ri Kyong Ae, who was born into a worker’s family, graduated from a teachers training college and became a teacher, as she had always wished, at then Pyongyang Kansong primary school.

On the day of her graduation, her father told her that education which requires love and devotion is not just teaching students but the work with the mind of students, asking her to become an excellent teacher who pays meticulous attention to students and makes selfless efforts for them.

The class she took charge of for the first time was fairly backward in school records and some of her pupils were unruly mischief-makers of the school.

However, she devoted all her energy to making them excellent pupils.

She kept on searching for teaching methods to make her students acquire new knowledge completely and spent her time after school helping backward students with their study.

Thanks to her efforts, hers became an honour class from the following year.

After that, any class that came under her charge never missed the first place in the grade.

During the 15 years of her teaching career, Ri received 13 certificates of registration of teaching method and many certificates of invention of experimental apparatuses and teaching aids and of educational science achievements.

She became even busier after being appointed headmistress of Ponghak Primary School.

Under her guidance, the teachers of the school tried hard to improve their abilities and some of them were honoured with the title of October 8 Model Teacher.

She also paid much attention to creating a favourable educational environment inside and outside of the school.

Some parents of students said they could not help admiring the corridors and halls which were turned into teaching spaces, the outdoor swimming pool and mobile visual aids.

Ri introduced a new teaching framework based on the subject of teacher system and hosted a national workshop on it, which became a sensation in the education sector.

At her initiative, the school runs over 50 extracurricular hobby groups so that students can fully display their aptitude and talent.

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