8th Party Congress

Sixth Day Sitting of 8th WPK Congress Held

As news of the 8th Party Congress of the WPK spreads, all the millions of Party members and working people across the country are being instilled with great pride, confidence, and courage in the dignified Party clearly indicating the victorious advance of Korean-style socialism.

Amid political high enthusiasm, the sixth day of the Congress was held. Respected Chairman Kim Jong Un, symbol of their people’s victories and glory, was in attendance. The Congress finally discussed its fourth agenda item “Election of the central leadership body of the WPK”.

In accordance with WPK Rules the 7th Party central leadership body completed its term and the Congress was tasked with a new election. They entered discussions on the election to the body which will take responsibility for organizing and directing party-building in the new stage. A solemn and heavy atmosphere pervaded the Congress as they discussed the election, and relevant pieces like the regulations for the election were read aloud as well as the procedures for electing members and alternate members to the Party Central Committee.

The nominations began and a rational method for recommending candidates for members and alternate members was decided. Delegate Jo Yong Won read aloud the list of candidates for the Party Central Committee. The delegates thoroughly examined the qualifications of the candidates. When the name of Marshal Kim Jong Un was suggested as a candidate to the Party Central Committee, all the delegates broke into loud cheers and applause. All of the recommended candidates were approved unanimously by the Congress delegates.

In doing so the delegates acknowledged that the recommended candidates are true comrades who have all armed themselves with the revolutionary idea of the Party, remained faithful to the people’s struggle, and fully dedicated themselves to the final victory of the socialist cause. The Congress elected 138 candidates to the Party Central Committee and enthusiastically applauded them upon their election. They then examined the qualifications and elected 111 candidates as alternate members to the Party Central Committee.

The Congress then discussed the most important issue of crucial significance in the development of the Party and accomplishment of the revolution. All the delegates were greatly excited to enter the discussion, that of electing the General Secretary of the Party.

Delegate Ri Il Hwan made a suggestion on the election of the general secretary of the WPK. He talked about the political significance in electing the top leader of the Party who will play a decisive role in accomplishing the socialist cause for the popular masses. He spoke of the philosophy that the greatness of the leader is just an extension of the Party and country, and that their invincibility of their cause has been proven in the sacred history of the Korean revolution and the world history of revolutionary party building.

He praised Comrade Kim Jong Un for carrying forward the revolutionary idea and intention of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il. All the delegates were united in their belief that Kim Jong Un is the only one who will lead the WPK and Korean people to victory. Saying that it is the solemn demand and firm faith of the millions of Party members and people to hold Kim Jong Un in high esteem as the head of the WPK, Ri Il Hwan proposed electing him as General Secretary in reflection of the unanimous will of the Party and all the Congress.

Thunder applause broke out among all the delegates expressing their full support. The 8th Congress unanimously adopted a decision on electing Kim Jong Un as General Secretary to achieve the development of the Party and a fresh advance in socialist construction.

Cheers of “Hurrah!” erupted in excitement and joy upon the election of General Secretary Kim Jong Un as head of the WPK, who is opening up an era of unprecedented changes and miracles with his gifted ideological and theoretical guidance, outstanding leadership, and noble virtue. The election of General Secretary Kim Jong Un is the biggest fortune and greatest happiness of the WPK and people as it marks an epoch-making political event providing a decisive guarantee for the victory of Korean-style socialism and the promise of its rosy future.

Fervent cheers resounded throughout the venue of the Congress reflecting the intense loyalty of all the delegates. The congress then elected members of the Party leadership body to the committee for drafting resolutions to the Party Congress.

The committee will guide inter-sector consultative meetings studying and discussing issues for thoroughly implementing the tasks set in the report given by the General Secretary to the Congress, give consideration to issues raised at the meetings, and refer it to the Congress.

The Congress continues.

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