Regarding People as the Root of Its Existence

The Workers’ Party of Korea regards the people as the root of its existence and the source of the inexhaustible strength.

It is the intention of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un that the WPK should make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people, the root of its existence.

Last year the Korean people suffered too severe disasters. Due to repeated flood and typhoon, many people lost their houses and property, paddy and non-paddy fields were submerged or buried, and roads and bridges cut off.

But the Korean people did not know pessimism or fear. Because they were under the care of the Party sharing their hardships and trying to mitigate them and they have been led by Kim Jong Un who called at the disaster-stricken areas before anybody else.

In September last year Kim Jong Un visited the site of damage rehabilitation in Taechong-ri, Unpha County of North Hwanghae Province. He visited it again as he felt uneasy though he had taken all measures for the residents in the afflicted area during his visit in early August.

He said it was changed beyond recognition, and continued: At difficult time like now, our people will only pin their hope to our Party and wait for our Party to take measures. Our people should not lose heart or feel any inconveniences in their life even a moment due to natural disasters. For our Party with the people as the root of its existence, nothing is more important than to live up to their trust.

With such noble love, he called at the sites of damage rehabilitation time and again to bring home to the people the real aspect of the motherly Party.

He continued to visit the sites for recovery from damages in South Hwanghae, Kangwon and South Hamgyong Provinces.

On the spot he stressed the need to lend an ear to the opinions of the residents in the area concerned and build dwelling houses qualitatively at an adequate place lest they should be affected by damages although natural disasters like flood might occur again in the future. He said it is one of the top-priority tasks our Party should do to go deep among the people when they have a hard time to help them with sincerity.

As the WPK was always together with the people undergoing hardships, wonderful houses could be built in those villages which had turned into ruins overnight.

The Korean people follow the WPK as a beacon of their destiny and mother as it gives top priority to and absolutizes their interests and makes selfless, devoted efforts for them.

As a tree with strong root can stand any storm, so our Party is firm since it enjoys absolute support and trust of the people.

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