Foreign Affairs

Kim Yo Jong Gives Statement to Media

Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, gave a statement to media.

The statement said:

Now the Eighth Party Congress is being held with success in our capital and various events are expected to congratulate the successful Congress.

What is ridiculous, however, is the preposterous remarks of the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff that they picked up the situation that the north held a military parade at midnight on the 10th and it is under precision tracking.

There are more than 200 countries on the globe. But only in south Korea a military organ expresses its hostile alertness against other’s celebrations, using expressions like “picking up of situation” and “precision tracking”.

It can be called an undisguised expression of hostile eye of the south Korean authorities on the fellow countrymen.

If not, they may be more interested in the celebrations of Pyongyang than others or again if not, they may be afraid of even our military parade.

We neither staged a military exercise against somebody nor attempted to blow off something in the capital. Then why on earth are they taking such trouble of watching the movements of other’s home so zealously?

Anyway, it is very difficult for us to understand them.

They are doing only ridiculous things. They do not know how they should behave. Really, they are top fools who would be disappointed if they are counted to be second worldwide in doing so.

It’s ridiculous for them to let the military organ make a “precision tracking” of other’s celebrations. Maybe they have nothing to do.

As I said once, such things must be calculated afterwards.

January 12, 2021

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