Women of Korea

Young Actress Steals the Show

“A harmonica recital played by Kim Un Sim steals the show. Her technical skills are well worth seeing as she plays several harmonicas by turns,” said O Nam Jin, official of the Pyongyang Rubber Factory.

A 19-year-old actress of the central youth artistic motivational team, Kim Un Sim (pictured) has only worked a little over one year.

Her solo always thrills the audience as she skilfully plays harmonicas with different timbres and tones.

“Our motivational team includes many experienced and renowned actors and actresses. However, Kim’s harmonica solo has been regarded as an integral whole of our performance,” said team leader Kim Tong Uk.

Born of a worker’s family in Nampho City, she picked up the musical instrument for the first time when she was 14.

A music group instructor of her school found that she had a good ear and respiration.

Her skills developed rapidly enough to stun even her instructor.

She made her debut three months after she started to learn how to play the harmonica and won a gold medal at the national schoolchildren’s vocal and instrumental solo contest five months later.

She received a big hand at the annual New Year’s performance of schoolchildren and the artistic performance of schoolchildren for celebrating the 70th founding anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union.

“It is not easy to create the artistic representation peculiar to a harmonica belonging to popular instruments. In addition, to be flawless in playing several harmonicas, every player is required to correctly control their breath and acquire a variety of techniques,” said Kim Tong Uk.

Her skills have further been polished at the artistic motivational team.

Finally, she completed her recital performed with six harmonicas with different timbres and tones by displaying untiring efforts and passion.

“I often feel broken down from exhaustion or rigidity on my wrists. However, seeing well-delighted people from my performance always refreshes me. I will work hard to be an actress who lives up to their expectations,” said Kim Un Sim.

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