People's Voices

We Are Determined to Increase Power Output

By Kim Hyong Gwan (pictured), manager of heat production workshop No. 2 of the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex

Encouraged by the letter Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent to all the people throughout the country to mark the New Year, the working people in our workshop are burning with an enthusiasm to produce more electricity.

Last year, our workshop adopted technical innovation plans for the normal operation of several power boilers.

We ensured a thorough seal of fire chamber and improved heat conditions of boiler by introducing an insulation construction method based on insulating bricks. And we also succeeded in non-heavy oil ignition based on an oxygen-anthracite ignition method and combustion stabilization, thus lowering the utilization of heavy oil by 80 to 90 percent.

In addition, we applied plasma ignition and high-temperature air combustion stabilizing methods to increase steam output and contribute greatly to environmental protection.

We will further consolidate what we achieved last year in order to contribute greatly to increasing power generation in the New Year.

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