Fourth and Fifth Day Sittings of 8th WPK Congress Held

At the fourth and fifth day sittings of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, delegates to the Congress continued their mission amid high enthusiasm following Leader Kim Jong Un’s historic report reviewing the work of the Party and state over the last 5 years. Speeches were made regarding the first agenda item “Review of the work of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea”. They fully supported the Leader’s historic report which reflected the fighting line and crucial strategic issues in the development of the revolution.

Speakers said in excitement that Kim Jong Un brightly illuminated the way to be taken in the developing revolution, wisely led the Party and all the people to open up the era of miracles, and remarkably strengthened the power of their productive forces and strategic position. They mentioned that the Party Central Committee displayed outstanding leadership, keeping confidence in victory while breaking through all the hardships of history, and that the people’s trust has been significantly increased through full embodiment of the people-first policy.

Speakers went on to seriously analyze and summarize mistakes, their causes, and lessons to be drawn from the experiences in their fields while implementing the decisions of the 7th Congress. Cold criticisms were made of mistakes and failures in the implementation of the 5-year plans for national economic development set by the 7th Congress, failures to introduce practical and people-friendly methods in Party work. They made a deep analysis of the lesson given that if officials fail their responsibilities and become soaked in defeatism and self-protectionism during hardship, it is then impossible to properly carry out the Party’s decisions or bring about major developments and innovations.

Listening to the criticism speeches summing up the various mistakes and shortcomings in their fields, participants reflected back on their own units, drawing lessons and earnestly taking part in the progressive spirit of helping, correcting, and leading one another forward. Participants exchanged full opinions on future developments while sharing experiences, realizing more and more the height of the loyal attitude and noble work that the Party and revolutionary cause should reach. They made solemn pledges of dedication to the revolution and people.

Discussions and speeches went on into the fifth day sitting of the Congress. They fully supported the report which indicated the direction and fighting goals for the revolution, calling it a great and practical programme for a fresh leap toward victory in socialist construction. Lauding the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un who brought about enormous changes for the Party, revolution, country, and people to be etched in their history forever, speakers expressed their pride and self-confidence in making revolution under his distinguished leadership.

Speakers recalled the brisk campaign for scientific farming and high yields which swept the country and a series of precious progress made in science, education, public health, and other fields and units in the struggle for implementing the Party policies.

They seriously analyzed mistakes obstructing economic development and inconveniencing the people, much of which could be ascribed to failures in studying the fields themselves and a lack of spirit to unconditionally implement the Party’s policies and devotedly serve the people. Speakers criticized themselves for deviations in afforestation, water-conservancy, land management, public security, and other fields. Mistakes were repented for before the Party Congress with vows to work harder with fresh readiness and a renewed fighting spirit. Listening to the criticisms, participants accepted the criticized faults as collective ones, absorbed the lessons for their own units, and keenly realized that success or failure in implementing the Party’s decisions hinges on their responsibility and role.

All the participants hardened their resolve to thoroughly implement the new five-year plan with the experiences and lessons from the work in the period under review as a valuable foundation and reliable stepping stone for the future advance and development.

The congress decided to examine and adopt a resolution on the first agenda item after the leadership body of the 8th Party Central Committee, to be newly elected, forms the resolution drafting committee and sums up creative and constructive opinions through consultative meetings.

A report on the second agenda item “Review of the work of the Central Audit Commission of the WPK”. It substantially analyzed and reviewed achievements, experience, mistakes, and lessons drawn from the work of the financial management of the Party. It raised tasks for guaranteeing the Party’s work and activities financially and materially. The congress adopted with unanimous approval a decision “On bringing about a fresh turn in the financial management by further strengthening the discipline of the party’s finance”.

The Congress discussed the third agenda item “On amendments to the rules of the WPK”.

Delegates studied the contents of draft amendments to the rules of the Party which amended the rule to action, mode of activities, and norms to be observed by Party organizations and members. Realizing the importance and practical significance of the draft amendments for strengthening the fighting efficiency of the Party which serves as the general staff of the revolution, the Congress unanimously adopted the decision “On the amendments to the rules of the WPK”.

The congress continues.

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