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Family Brings Up Eight Children

The family of Kim Song Chol living in neighbourhood unit No. 39, Thongilgori-dong No. 2, Rangnang District in Pyongyang, celebrate New Year’s Day with singing.

When everyone was overflowing with joy of the New Year, the family of Kim Song Chol in neighbourhood unit No. 37 of Thongilgori-dong No. 2 of Rangnang District, Pyongyang, was enlivened further on New Year’s Day.

His parents and brothers and neighbours visited his home in the morning with souvenirs to greet the New Year, and they were followed by his fellows at workplace, women’ union members of dong and others until evening.

When the worker at the Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification Management Station, and his wife Kim Chun Yong reached middle ages, they have become the parents of eight sons and daughters.

“My wife and I had loved children really since we were young. Therefore, we made a large fortune of children, I think,” said Kim Song Chol.

The affection of the couple for their children is great. Especially, Kim Chun Yong takes constant care of their children with no time to dry her hands and spares no effort in family education.

“I have a lump in my throat at the thought that our children grew up one year more after greeting the New Year. Last year, letters of thanks came in succession from the army units of my daughters that they performed their military service well and the third daughter became a honour student. The eldest son was admitted to the football class as he had desired, and my fifth and sixth children who are girls started to learn how to play the guitar and handwrite by a brush. The youngest daughter who goes to kindergarten and the youngest two-year-old son are good at singing and dancing. I feel great pride and happiness, indeed, as their mother. All these things are unthinkable apart from the benefits of socialist system and our harmonious society,” said Kim Chun Yong.

As she said, everything in her house including children’s articles was associated with the benefits granted by the state and sincerity of many well-wishers.

She had the honour of posing for a group photograph with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at the fourth national meeting of mothers. It was seen hanging on a wall of the couple’s room in the spacious three-room house.

A few years ago, she received a treatment card of prolific mother, which enables every member of her family to receive medical treatment at any hospital on a preferential basis. They are given subsidy every month and lots of other preferential treatment by the state.

It is said that the walls and floors of their rooms were splendidly decorated with the help of central, district and dong women’s union officials and officials of Kim Song Chol’s workshop.

On holidays and birthdays of children, villagers and school teachers present them with souvenirs and their household doctor takes special care of them.

“Whenever our couple are overwhelmed with gratitude for their scrupulous care for our children, they say it is natural for them to care for the family with many children as children are regarded as the ‘kings’ in our country.

“The song We Are the Happiest in the World is the theme song of our family,” said Kim Song Chol.

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