Anti-Epidemic Work Continues to be Intensified in the DPRK

All sectors and units in the DPRK are further strengthening the anti-epidemic front to check the inroads of COVID-19.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector continues to revise and supplement the state anti-epidemic measures and is concentrating efforts on raising the safety in anti-epidemic work by studying and introducing the most rational disinfection methods.

The mass media and various information networks are giving wide publicity to the anti-epidemic knowledge, hygienic information and the experiences of the exemplary units.

The educational and scientific research institutions are promoting the work to research and introduce the effective antiseptic solutions and the efficient anti-epidemic facilities.

Those in the inspection and quarantine sector are urged to carry out their duty in a thorough-going way without any slightest carelessness and relaxation.

The passenger transport and service sectors are doing the service activities on the principle of providing the passengers and customers with convenience to the maximum, true to the anti-epidemic rules.

The emergency anti-epidemic units across the country are urging all the inhabitants to take part in medical check-up and strictly observe the anti-epidemic rules and regulations.

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