A Lot of Quilts Produced

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill on January 7, Juche 106 (2017).

The mill built a new quilt production process and was producing bedclothes such as quilts and mattresses according to the four seasons.

Looking round the quilt production process, Kim Jong Un said with pleasure: The materials used in production are all ours. The mill is making various kinds of quilts with the silk fabrics and silk cotton produced at our light industrial factories.

The quilts have refined and beautiful colours and patterns. They are light yet soft. At the commercial networks they will catch the eyes of people and be in great demand.

Dropping in at a storehouse of goods, Kim Jong Un said he sees a lot of quilts piling up, and continued: A few days ago I saw a lot of bags at the newly-built Pyongyang Bag Factory and today, I have seen a lot of quilts here at the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill. I am really pleased.

And he earnestly called for producing a lot of good-quality quilts which are popular among the people.

That year, making the New Year Address in the morning, he said: I am hardening my resolve to seek more works for the sake of the people and make redoubled, devoted efforts to this end.

And then he visited the Pyongyang Bag Factory as the first leg of his field guidance and three days later, called at the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill.

When he visited the Ryugyong Kimchi Factory four days later, he said the gate of the New Year opened with the production of many goods badly needed for the improvement of the people’s living and called for making that year a year of working greater miracles at the light industrial factories and enterprises.

A lot of quilts could be produced thanks to his warm love for the people.

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