Report Made by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at 8th Congress of WPK

A report on the work of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was made between January 5 and 7, Juche 110 (2021) at the Eighth Party Congress, a crucial political event in the development of the Party and revolution.

The report was made by Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

In the preface of the report, Kim Jong Un touched in general on the leadership activities conducted by the Party Central Committee during the period under review in order to perform the heavy yet honourable mission given by the Seventh Congress of the WPK.

The Party Central Committee held major meetings of the Party including its plenary meetings on a regular basis to take timely measures to implement the decisions of the Seventh Party Congress and actively aroused the entire Party, the whole country and all the people to their implementation to achieve great successes.

The report pointed out that serious shortcomings were manifested in the work of different sectors including the economic work in the grave external and internal situation but they are the deviations which occurred in the course of the advance of the socialist cause, a new stage of development, and are problems which can be corrected and solved by our wisdom and strength.

In “1. Achievements Made during the Period under Review” Kim Jong Un summed up the proud achievements made by the Party and people during the period under review.

First of all, the report summed up the achievements made in the course of applying the people-first politics during the period under review.

The most brilliant achievements made in the past five-year struggle for implementing the decisions of the Seventh Party Congress were that the political and ideological strength, the first motive force of the Korean revolution, was extremely expanded and strengthened.

During the period under review the Party Central Committee put the people-first politics to the fore as a fundamental issue deciding the existence of the Party and the victory or defeat of socialism and as a main political mode and enforced it strongly and consistently and thus made remarkable successes in more firmly consolidating the single-minded unity of the Party and people, strengthening the motive force of the socialist cause and enhancing its role.

“Everything for the People and Everything by Relying on Them!”–this was the core of the leading ideology firmly maintained by the Party Central Committee without any deviation and concession during the period under review.

The report made an analysis that the Party Central Committee launched the exhaustive political offensive for fixing the people-first principle as a solid political climate of the state, party discipline and social customs.

It mentioned that all the affairs of the Party and the state were thoroughly run through with the devoted service for the people.

It is the precious truth reconfirmed during the period under review that we can overcome all the unfavourable subjective and objective factors and easily solve huge tasks in socialist construction when we thoroughly apply the people-first politics no matter how grave the situation may be, no matter how great difficulties we may face and though there are latent shortcomings, the report stressed.

In the report Kim Jong Un summed up the achievements made by the Party and people in the struggle for increasing their own strength during the period under review.

The spirit of self-reliance stressed by the Seventh Party Congress and the policy of struggle for its realization were made concrete more profoundly at the Party plenary meetings and applied to practice. In the course, the strategy of self-reliance of the Party was developed in depth into an offensive strategy reversing the despicable sanctions of the enemy as a golden chance of augmenting the self-development and strengthening the internal power and into a political line to be consistently maintained in socialist construction.

The report noted that though we have failed to attain the strategic goals anticipated in the field of economic construction, precious assets have been provided to sustain the economic development by our own efforts in the future and the significant success here was that we have maintained the framework of the socialist economy, the independent national economy, the material basis and lifeline of the existence of the Korean-style socialism, and defended its life.

In the report Kim Jong Un touched on the achievements made in the struggle for strengthening the nuclear war deterrent of the state and the self-reliant defence capability.

The report mentioned in detail the historic course of having led the revolutionary great change for having the completely new nuclear capacity toward attaining the goal of modernization of the nuclear force.

The completion and continued development of the great cause of building the nuclear force of the state are a victory of the organizing and leadership ability of the Party Central Committee headed by Kim Jong Un. At the same time they are a great victory of the national defence scientists who have waged a persistent struggle with the indomitable independent faith and daring spirit and that of the entire Korean people.

The report summed up that in coping with the desperate moves of the enemy for reinforcing the military forces, the sector of the national defence science was urged to develop and complete new latest weapon systems in succession to make the military and technical influence of our state irreversible and place the war deterrent and warring capacity onto the highest plane during the period under review.

The report summed up that a great progress was made in the work to make the People’s Army an elite and powerful army during the period under review.

In the report Kim Jong Un reviewed that the external position of the DPRK was enhanced by leaps and bounds during the period under review.

The Party Central Committee conducted positive external activities after the great victory in the line of simultaneous building of the economy and nuclear force, putting the dignity and prestige of our state on a high plane.

During the period under review the Party Central Committee greatly increased the strategic position and prestige of the DPRK by relying on the out-and-out independent spirit of the unyielding people and the tremendous strength stockpiled by the DPRK. This symbolizes the dignity and authority of the WPK and the position of our great people.

Rapid change of rise could be made in the external position of the DPRK which is not so large in territory and population and is encircled by the imperialist reactionaries in all directions. It is a valuable fruit of the long bloody struggle of our Party and people; it is a great historic miracle wrought by the great unity of the people who have believed the lines and policies of their Party as the absolute truth and been more firmly rallied around the Party at every difficult and arduous time, the report stressed.

In “2. For the Epoch-Making Advance of the Socialist Construction” Kim Jong Un analyzed and reviewed with the main stress on shortcomings and lessons the work for building the economy and culture, the national defense upbuilding, state and social management and working people’s organizations and set forth important tasks for a new advance and development in the future.

He first made a strict and detailed analysis of the state of implementation of the five-year strategy for national economic development and a new long-term plan.

The report seriously summed up the result of having failed to carry out the goals for the economic growth of the state and make a remarkable progress in the improvement of the people’s living since the economic work was not bettered in a revolutionary way in the face of the sustained grave external and internal situation and unexpected repeated challenges, and pointed out the state of stagnation and reason accumulated in all sectors.

The report made clear the strategy of struggle for coming five years in the economic field.

It stressed that at the present stage, the economic strategy of the Party, a strategy of readjustment and reinforcement, is aimed to promote the work for rehabilitating and readjusting the economic work system and the organic links between sectors and consolidating the independent foundation to put our economy on a normal track, which is smoothly operated without being affected by any outside influence.

The general orientation of the five-year plan for national economic development is to concentrate efforts on the main links of the economic development to revitalize the overall national economy and build a firm foundation for improving the people’s living.

The major tasks of the new five-year plan are to concentrate investment on the metallurgical and chemical industries with them as a key link, normalize production in all sectors of the national economy, strengthen the material and technical foundation of agriculture and fully supply raw and other materials to the field of light industry to increase the production of consumer goods.

The report presented a new five-year plan worked out to make sustained upturn in the economy and tangible improvement in the people’s living on the basis of the present situation and potentialities of the national economy.

The new five-year plan reflected the demand for completing the independent structure of the national economy, lowering the dependence on import and stabilizing the people’s living in consideration of the actual possibilities.

In the report Kim Jong Un referred in detail to the issues on the present situation and readjustment and development of the major economic sectors.

The scientific analysis of present situation of the major economic sectors and the correct policy on their readjustment and development clarified in the report serve as a powerful practical weapon for cementing the material and technological foundation of the independent economy and accelerating the economic construction in a planned and stable way regardless of changes in the external environment.

In the report Kim Jong Un clarified the firm will of the Party to make a breakthrough in solving the problems of food, clothing and housing during the period of the new five-year plan and effect tangible changes and innovations enabling the people to feel keenly.

He solemnly made clear the revolutionary stand to continuously strengthen the national defense capability, a cornerstone of the national existence and reliable guarantee for safeguarding the dignity, security and peace of the country and people.

The report analyzed that the US hostile policy toward the DPRK was not weakened but became worse though the WPK and the DPRK government showed goodwill efforts and utmost patience to prevent the region from the escalation of tension out of the desire to ensure peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the world.

Stressing that the powerful national defense capability does not exclude the diplomacy but propels to a correct direction and serves as a powerful means guaranteeing its success, the report analyzed that the reality of the prevailing situation confirms once again that there cannot be satisfaction in the strengthening of military power.

The report presented crucial tasks for the People’s Army to regard it as the general task to model the whole army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and prepare itself more firmly as a revolutionary Party army, modern army with latest arms and reliable defender of the state and people.

It touched on core plan and crucial strategic tasks to radically strengthen and develop the national defense industry.
Also mentioned in the report was a profound task to complete the preparation for all-people resistance, an important work which can never be neglected in firmly consolidating the national defense capabilities.

In the report Kim Jong Un presented tasks to promote the scientific and technological development and thus confidently open up the broad avenue for achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance.

He pointed out the successes and experiences, shortcomings and lessons in the construction of the socialist culture during the period under review.

He also put forward tasks to further consolidate and develop the state and social system in line with the reality that the position of the DPRK is rapidly enhanced and the revolution is entering a new stage.

He presented crucial tasks to strengthen the working people’s organizations, the transmission belts and outer organizations of the Party, into powerful political organizations and powerful forces of socialist construction.

In “3. For Independent Reunification of the Country and Development of the External Relations” Kim Jong Un mentioned important issues for independent reunification of the country and development of the external relations.

The report examined issues towards south Korea in accordance with the prevailing situation and the demand of the changed times and clarified the principled stand of the Party toward the inter-Korean relations.

Judging that the present cooling-off phase of the inter-Korean relations cannot be settled only by one side nor relaxed of its own accord along with the lapse of time, the report stressed that whoever truly wants peace and reunification of the country and thinks of the destiny of the nation and the future of the posterity must no longer remain onlooker to this grave situation but take proactive measures to straighten up and improve the present inter-Korean relations in catastrophe.

It clarified the following principled stand toward the inter-Korean relations.

It is necessary to have stand and attitude to solve fundamental issues first in the inter-Korean relations, stop all the hostilities against each other, and seriously approach and sincerely implement the inter-Korean declarations.

The report pointed out the main reason why the inter-Korean relations, once favorably developed in the past, were frozen and returned to the state of confrontation all at once.

If the south Korean authorities continue to blame us, talking about “provocation”, with double-dealing and partial way of thinking, we have no other choice but to deal with south Korea in a different way, it seriously warned.

When the south Korean authorities strictly control and fundamentally remove the abnormal and anti-reunification acts, a new road for improved inter-Korean relations based on solid confidence and reconciliation will be opened, it said.

At present, there is no need to show unilateral goodwill to the south Korean authorities as in the past and we must treat south Korea as much as they respond to our just demand and move to implement the inter-Korean agreements, the report added.

The report analyzed that according to the attitude of the south Korean authorities, the inter-Korean relations can return to a new starting point of peace and prosperity at an early date as desired by the entire fellow countrymen as on the spring day three years ago.

In the report, Kim Jong Un clarified the general orientation and political stand of the Party for expanding and developing the external relations on a full scale.

The report made a profound analysis of the present international situation and the external circumstances of the DPRK.

It is the main review and conclusion of the external activities of the Party during the period under review that we must consistently maintain the strategy of resisting with strength to the outrageous hostile forces and high-handed big powers, it noted.

Assuring this stand, the report defined it as the general orientation of the external activities at present to comprehensively expand and develop the external relations befitting the strategic position of our state and thus reliably guarantee the socialist construction politically and diplomatically.

It clarified the principled issues to be maintained in the field of external activities as follows.

The principle of independence must firmly be maintained in the external activities, taking it as the first mission of the diplomacy of the Republic to defend the dignity of the Party, enhance the prestige of the country and safeguard the national interests.

Diplomatic offensive should be launched to destroy the moves of the hostile forces to violate our sovereignty and defend the rights to normal development of our state.

External political activities must be directed to overpowering and bringing to its knees the United States, the main obstacle to the development of our revolution and the principal enemy.

Noting that whoever comes to power in the United States, the United States itself and the true nature of its policy toward the DPRK can never change, the report stressed the need for the field of the external affairs to establish the US strategy with stratagem and keep expanding the solidarity with the anti-imperialist independent forces.

It mentioned an issue on enhancing the role of the external propaganda to destroy the reactionary offensives of the enemy and increase the prestige of the state.

It said the field of the external affairs must further expand and develop the relations with socialist countries, strengthen unity and cooperation with revolutionary and progressive parties aspiring after independence and powerfully wage the anti-imperialist joint struggle on a worldwide scale, making the external environment of the state more favorable.

The report manifested the firm will of our Party to reliably defend peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and the world.

Noting that a key to the establishment of new DPRK-US relations is for the United States to cancel its hostile policy towards the DPRK, the report solemnly declared the stand of our Party to treat the United States on the principle of strength for strength and goodwill for goodwill in the future, too.

It also reassured that the DPRK, a responsible nuclear state, would never abuse the nuclear weapons unless the aggressive hostile forces attempt to use nukes against it.

As the external political stand of the Party for strengthening friendship and unity with all countries of the world respecting the sovereignty of the DPRK and realizing genuine international justice was manifested in the report on the review of the work of the Party Central Committee, strategic and tactical guidelines for further enhancing the external prestige and international influence of the DPRK during the new period under review were provided.

In “4. For Strengthening and Development of the Party Work” Kim Jong Un summed up the achievements made in the work for the strengthening and development of the Party during the period under review and put forward tasks and ways to improve and strengthen the Party work in keeping with the demand of the times and developing reality.

The report appreciated that the precious successes in the Party work during the period under review are that the monolithic leadership system of the Party Central Committee was firmly established in the whole Party, the militancy and leadership ability of the Party extraordinarily strengthened and the foundation of the Party readjusted and cemented in a comprehensive and concrete way.

The report stressed that the Party has remained faithful to its mission and duty with the people-first principle as its political idea.

It mentioned important tasks and ways to make fundamental innovations in the Party work since the Korean revolution has entered a new period of development and period of leap forward.

In the last part of the report Kim Jong Un said that through the report on the work of the Party Central Committee we came to have a profound understanding of the achievements and shortcomings in our work and their causes and lessons, and the orientation and specific ways for struggle in the future and we were also able to confirm the strategic and tactical policies based on the common views through collective discussion.

Kim Jong Un expressed the expectation that all the delegates would have a deep study and discussion of the contents and issues on the basis of the leading ideology of the Party with high sense of Party responsibility. And he ardently called upon them to wage a vigorous struggle for a new leap forward and victory in socialist construction, for our great state and for our great people in firm unity around the Party Central Committee under the banner of great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

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