Five Years of His Devotion

Five years has passed since the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held in May Juche 105 (2016).

The Congress was the historic one that unfolded a blueprint for building a powerful socialist country and aroused the people to the struggle for its realization.

The Congress presented the five-year strategy for national economic development to further consolidate the economic foundation of the country.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un worked hard while inspiring the people to implement the five-year strategy for national economic development in order to revitalize the economy of the country and bring about a change in the improvement of the people’s living.

He kept giving field guidance to factories, farms and construction sites despite sultriness and intense cold. Kept in his heart was the spirit of selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people that he should not mind any hardships but be ready to die for the sake of the people.

The Korean people best in the world should no longer tighten their belts but fully enjoy the most dignified and civilized life.

With the desire Kim Jong Un made his way through the raging waves and mud in foul weather for field guidance to Sindo County at the end of the west coast. He walked a rugged mountain road to visit the construction site of the Orangchon Power Station. Exposing himself to cold snow, he called at Samjiyon City, the village just under the sky, changing into a wonderful land, time and again. On the road he conceived a plan to turn a military airfield into a large-scale vegetable greenhouse farm and a plan to build a peculiar public service base in the hot spring area of Yangdok County.

The Korean people still remember the summer of Juche 107 (2018) when the maximum temperature was 40 degrees centigrade.

Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to more than 20 units in a number of provinces and cities including North Phyongan, Ryanggang, North Hamgyong and Kangwon Provinces and Pyongyang City between late June and early August that year.

He also visited the Samchon Catfish Farm, the Kumsanpho Fish Pickling Factory in the west coastal area, the newly-built Station for Stocking Lake Yonphung with Fishes, a construction site on the east coast and the hot spring area of Yangdok County.

He always found himself among people to teach how to make a leap forward and encourage them. Under his leadership the people’s enthusiasm for struggle became higher and the economic development of the country was further accelerated.

Kim Jong Un made his uninterrupted field guidance tour while leading the struggle for increased production to implement the five-year strategy for national economic development. One day he said to officials that it is his view of life to make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people.

Picturing the happy people to himself, he walked the far and rugged path. Even though he felt fatigued after staying up several nights, he was encouraged to see creations to please the people. Along with his devotion, years have passed.

The then township area of Samjiyon County, the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Tree Nursery, the Phalhyang Dam of the Orangchon Power Station and the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort were inaugurated one after another in December Juche 108 (2019).

Despite the worldwide public health crisis, the Pyongyang General Hospital was under construction, the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory inaugurated and new dwelling houses built in the disaster-stricken areas in Juche 109 (2020).

In those days the Korean people felt more keenly how the country becomes more powerful and how their happy life is being provided.

As the national prosperity and the people’s happiness are possible under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un, the Korean people will bring earlier the rosy future of the country, following him.

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