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Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un receives letter of greetings from Central Standing Committee of General Association of Korean Residents in Japan

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un received a letter of greetings from the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan on January 1, 2021.

The letter said:

Thanks to the uninterrupted revolutionary guidance of the respected Supreme Leader Marshal Kim Jong Un to firmly defend the sovereignty and security of the country and achieve the great cause of building a powerful socialist country despite the harsh sanctions and suffocation moves by the hostile forces, our Republic came to have the strongest military power which guarantees its prosperity generation after generation on the land free from war forever and a new era of self-supporting prosperity and self-development was opened on the motherland to the admiration of the world people. We, the overseas citizens of the dignified Republic, are filled with the boundless pride and self-confidence.

Last year, the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un showed a paternal love and solicitude to the General Association and Korean residents in Japan and clearly showed the way to be followed by it and the movement of Koreans in Japan in the complicated situation and harsh circumstances.

The respected Marshal carries forward the lofty will of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as it is and looks after the General Association and Japan-resident Koreans with fatherly love in his benevolent bosom. He is, indeed, the benefactor of lives of Koreans in Japan and the benevolent teacher leading the General Association to be a model organization for the overseas Koreans’ movement of the world, the letter added.

The letter sincerely wished the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un good health for the victorious advance and rosy future of the Juche cause and the patriotic cause of the General Association.

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