Hospital Improves Service Quality

Medical conditions and environment have been improved at the Nampo City People’s Hospital.

According to deputy director Kim Yong In in charge of technology, the hospital underwent an extensive renovation in the second half of this year.

Outpatients’ and sick wards with a building area of 15,000 square metres were reconstructed both inside and outside, roads repaved and green areas distinctively laid out.

Different kinds of treatment rooms were renovated and provided with more medical equipment.

The improvement of medical conditions and environment helps enhance the quality of medical services, said Kim Yong In.

The hospital is concentrating efforts on enhancing the abilities of doctors.

They established a telemedicine operation and consultation system with a central hospital in Pyongyang to raise the promptness and scientific level of medical treatment.

The hospital is improving the treatment efficacy by devising and introducing medical appliances.

Doctor Kim Ho Song said that the introduction of HD camera-aided soft laryngendoscope into treatment solved the problems arising in diagnoses and made it possible to readily treat diseases.

The application of cystoscope with CCD camera has made it possible for the consultative meeting of doctors on cystic diseases.

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